May 3, 2024

EyCrowd Updates Now Available on the Client Portal

The enhanced EyCrowd Client Portal is a dedicated online resource designed to keep our marketing experts and partners fully informed about the latest developments at EyCrowd. This interactive hub is now regularly updated with all the new features, enhancements, and strategic changes being made to our app, platform and services. It serves as a central place for our partners to access crucial updates, ensuring they are always equipped with the latest information to maximize their engagement with our solutions.

This client portal not only includes detailed announcements and version release notes but also offers in-depth insights, video tutorials, and live recorded sessions led by our product teams. These resources are aimed at helping  you understand and utilize the full potential of the EyCrowd brand experience platform. Additionally, the portal encourages interaction through a feedback system, where users can leave comments, suggest improvements, and ask questions directly to our development team. By providing this comprehensive, up-to-date information and facilitating a two-way communication channel, the EyCrowd Client Portal ensures that our community of marketing experts and partners are well-supported and actively involved in the evolution of our offerings.

EyCrowd for business accounts are free and allow you to access this and all educational content for the EyCrowd app and platform. Sign up now at:

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