Enjoy real brand experiences with your crowd @EyCrowd 😀.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EyCrowd’s™ tagline?

Real experiences with your crowd @ EyCrowd™

What are the key features offered by to marketers by EyCrowd™?

Authentic advocacy for your brand (no influencers, no bots, 100% genuine people)

Mobilize your customers as genuine advocates

Real word-of-mouth promotion by real people (at scale)

Hours of dedicated customer attention on your brand

Genuine engagement on your social media platforms

Authentic user-generated content with your customers and fans

Drive foot traffic to your locations that you can see and feel

Generate legitimate traffic to your websites and online posts

Collect authentic feedback from customers through surveys and reviews

Product testing and insights with real individuals

User-friendly ad/campaign experience builder that is effortlessly intuitive

Fun, easy mobile app that your EyVocates™ love

And more.

What value does EyCrowd™ provide for marketers?

Brand Impact: authentic reviews, real surveys, personal experiences, personal brand interactions, personal brand discoveries, product and service interactions, hours of brand attention, real followers watching, zero fake impressions, real word-of-mouth buzz, and more for your brand.

User-Generated Content: authentic photos, genuine videos, honest surveys, true reviews, and real people to people commentary for your brand.

In-Person Engagement: real foot traffic, legitimate onsite energy, honest person to person engagement, real smiles, true integrations, fun conversation, and real on location visits by real people for your brand.

Online Engagement: authentic posts, real shares, legitimate follows, honest comments, real likes, true mentions, honest hashtags, website visits by real people, zero
bots, no fake traffic, and sincere social engagement for your brand.

And more. Try our user-friendly campaign experience builder to effortlessly obtain pricing and projected value metrics now.

What is an EyCrowd™ campaign experience?

A campaign experience is a new, versatile type of marketing “event”, conducted either in-person, digital, or hybrid, where EyVocates™ engage in enjoyable self-service activities using the EyCrowd™ app. Create and customize your campaign experiences to suit your needs with just a few clicks!

What is an EyVocate™?

EyVocates™ are your customers, brand enthusiasts, and everyday people who resonate with your brand values and appreciate your products and services. Using the EyCrowd™ app, they authentically promote brands they believe in, connecting with like-minded individuals and earning side income through campaign experiences.

How does an EyCrowd™ campaign experience work?

Create your campaign experience using our intuitive builder and select from pre-designed objectives with built-in user tasks for a streamlined process.

Upon publication, invite your customers and EyVocates™ on our platform to join via the EyCrowd™ app.

Watch your brand advocacy thrive as your campaign goes live, fostering powerful word-of-mouth connections. authentic advocacy, which fosters a powerful and impactful word-of-mouth edge for your brand.

Could you provide examples of objectives and tasks associated with campaign experiences?

EyCrowd™ features pre-designed brand objectives and ready-made EyVocate™ tasks, including social media engagement, writing reviews, product trials, content creation, driving foot traffic, and more. Explore our user-friendly campaign experience builder to discover all available objectives and tasks.

What are “Pre”, “Live”, and “Post” task designations in a campaign experience?

"Pre," "Live," and "Post" designations indicate when tasks should be completed: before, during, or after the campaign.

"Pre-Live" tasks can be completed before or during the campaign. • "Live" tasks must be completed during the campaign period.

"Live-Post" tasks can be completed during the campaign or within a specified post-campaign window.

EyVocates™ must diligently fulfill all assigned tasks to successfully complete the campaign experience and receive payment.

How do users receive invitations and/or become aware when a campaign is newly published?

Users can stay updated on new campaigns via in-app notifications and by regularly checking the EyCrowd™ app and our social media posts.

Can I invite my customers to participate in my campaign experiences? Can I also extend invitations to EyVocates™ registered on your platform?

Yes, we recommend filling your campaign with 60%-80% of your customers for optimal results.

When EyVocates™ meet your campaign requirements, they receive a notification and can view your campaign in the app.

Send private invitations to your customers through our platform for a fun and rewarding experience.

What payment mechanism is used to transact with EyVocates™?

EyCrowd™ integrates with Stripe, a trusted payment gateway, to promptly compensate EyVocates™ upon successful campaign completion. We prioritize user privacy and do not store any financial information on our platform.

What is the maximum number of campaigns that an EyVocate™ can join simultaneously?

EyVocates™ can join multiple digital campaigns, but for in-person campaigns, they can participate in one per day.

What is the EyCrowd™ gallery?

The EyCrowd™ gallery, located within the app, securely stores all user-generated content for easy access and future use.

Are EyVocates™ required to have public social media profiles?

Public social media profiles are encouraged for EyVocates™ but not mandatory.

Can campaigns be run exclusively with EyVocates™ having public social media accounts?

We encourage public accounts, but do not restrict participation of EyVocates™ with private profiles.

What is the course of action if an EyVocate's™ account is suspended?

EyVocates™ can contact us via social media or email to connect with a representative who can help resolve any account issues they face.

How many users are currently active on the EyCrowd™ app?

Tens of thousands of active EyVocates™ in the United States, and this number grows weekly.

How many EyVocates™ use the EyCrowd™ app on a weekly basis?

Thousands of EyVocates™ use the app regularly and our user base is rapidly expanding.

Do EyVocates™ consistently participate in and complete campaign experiences?

Every campaign on the app “sells out” quickly, indicating a reliable and dedicated user base.

Which platforms can be used in campaign experiences?

Campaign platforms include IG, Twitter, DB, Yelp, Direct Website Reviews, TT, and LI.

What if a client pays for more participants than those completing the campaign experience?

Clients receive a prorated refund to account for individuals who didn't complete the campaign.

How can clients access content from their campaign, especially from private accounts?

Clients can access and download content by logging into their advertiser portal.

Can campaigns be run exclusively with EyVocates™ having public social media accounts?

We encourage public accounts, but do not restrict participation of EyVocates™ with private profiles.

What is the minimum and maximum duration for a campaign?

Currently, campaigns can last from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 6 hours.

How far in advance should a client create a campaign?

A minimum lead time of one week is recommended for adequate planning.

Can clients impose a minimum follower requirement for campaign participants?

No, we prioritize authenticity and do not restrict EyVocates™ based on follower count.

What if clients want EyVocates™ to test a product/service? Must they provide it?

Clients can send a private invitation with a direct link to obtain the product/service for free (recommended for best results). Alternatively, client may choose to compensate EyVocates™ for the cost plus an additional incentive (discouraged).

What if an EyVocate™ is paid but doesn't fulfill campaign requirements correctly?

EyCrowd™ reviews activities and offers clients prorated credit for tasks that did not meet campaign expectations.

Does EyCrowd™ include professional photographers or videographers for in-person campaigns?

No, we value authenticity and encourage genuine content. Clients may choose to source their own professionals to participate in campaigns outside of our platform.

Can clients request multi-day campaigns?

Currently, we only support single-day campaigns, with plans to expand in the future.

How can better quality images and videos be obtained from the EyCrowd™ gallery?

While the gallery focuses on speed and simplicity, we also improve and enhance image and video quality over time.

If a task requires EyVocates™ to make a post on their IG story, does it count if they post it only to their Close Friends list?

No, posts for tasks should be visible on the original story and not restricted to Close Friends.

What is demo/tour mode in the EyCrowd™ app?

New users can explore the app's features and functionality through this comprehensive demo mode feature.

How can I obtain more information or discuss best practices for the EyCrowd™ platform?

Clients can schedule a web meeting via our website's business page, accessible by clicking the "For Business" button in the top right corner.